The X Companion CD for R6
By O'Reilly Media, Inc.
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Final Release Date: January 1995
Pages: 126

Our new X11 R6 CD-ROM, a companion to our X Window System Administrator's Guide (Volume 8 of the X Window series), is a helpful resource for system administrators and programmers alike.The X CD-ROM contains:

  • Precompiled binaries for X11, Release 6 (X11 R6) for the following platforms: Sun4, Solaris, HP-UX on the HP700, DEC Alpha, DEC ULTRIX, and IBM RS6000
  • X11 R6 source code from the 'core' and 'contrib' directories
  • X11 R5 source code from the 'core' directory
  • Examples from O'Reilly and Associates X Window System series books and The X Resource journalThe package includes a 126-page book describing the contents of the CD-ROM, how to install the R6 binaries, and how to build X11 for other platforms. The book also contains the X Consortium release notes for Release 6.O'Reilly and Associates used to offer this CD-ROM with Volume 8,X Window System Administator's Guide of the X Window System series. Offering it separately allows system administrators to purchase the book and the CD-ROM in any quantities they choose.System administrators, please note: X programmers who want to port or test their X applications for Release 6 will want this CD now so that their updated programs will be ready to publish when Release 6 is available as the standard release from vendors.
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