Running Linux, 2nd Edition
By Lar Kaufman, Matt Welsh
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Final Release Date: August 1996
Pages: 650

Linux is the most exciting development today in the UNIX world -- and some would say in the world of the PC-compatible. A complete, UNIX-compatible operating system developed by volunteers on the Internet, Linux is distributed freely in electronic form and for low cost from many vendors. Its software packages include the X Window System (X11R6); TCP/IP networking (including SLIP, PPP, and NFS support); popular software tools such as Emacs and TeX; a complete software development environment including C, C++, Perl, Tcl/Tk, and more; libraries, debuggers, multimedia support, scientific and database applications, and much more. Developed first on the PC, it has been ported to many other architectures, and a POSIX-compliant version has even been developed.Running Linux explains everything you need to understand, install, and start using the Linux operating system. This includes a comprehensive installation tutorial, complete information on system maintenance, tools for document development and programming, and guidelines for network and Web site administration.New topics in the second edition include:

  • Printer configuration, management, and use
  • Configuration of network clients for NFS and NIS
  • Expanded information on configuring a wide range of hardware devices
  • Updated configuration information for the kernel and XFree86
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