Using & Managing UUCP
By Dale Dougherty, Tim O'Reilly, Grace Todino, Ed Ravin
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Final Release Date: January 1996
Pages: 424

UUCP, a UNIX program with a long history, remains interesting even today because it is a simple way to share resources and transfer files from one computer to another. It runs over dial-up lines with a minimum of overhead. UUCP became popular because of its use by the Usenet, but it remains popular today because it works well on small systems with limited resources. The proliferation of PC-sized machines in small offices and homes, especially those that run the Linux operating system, has caused a resurgence of interest in UUCP.This book combines material about UUCP formerly contained in two other O'Reilly & Associates books, Using UUCP and Usenet and Managing UUCP and Usenet. UUCP and Usenet are sufficiently separated now to make it inefficient to discuss them both in the same book. On the other hand, it now makes sense to combine information about using and managing UUCP in one volume, because on PC-sized systems, the user and the manager of UUCP are likely to be the same person. With this book, everything you need to know about UUCP is in one volume.Using & Managing UUCP contains up-to-date information about HoneyDanBer UUCP (officially called Basic Networking Utilities or BNU). It also contains product-specific information about the UUCP implementations of the major UNIX vendors. More important, Using & Managing UUCP covers Taylor UUCP, a new implementation that ships with Linux distributions. So this book is of special importance to the growing number of individuals running Linux on their home or office computers.

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