WebSite™ 1.1, 2nd Edition
By O'Reilly Media, Inc.
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Final Release Date: January 1996
Pages: 494

WebSite is an elegant, easy solution for Windows NT 3.51 (or higher) and Windows 95 users who want to start publishing on the Internet. And now WebSite 1.1 makes it easier than ever!WebSite is a 32-bit multi-threaded World Wide Web server that combines the power and flexibility of a UNIX server with the ease of use of a Windows application. Its intuitive graphical interface and easy install make it a natural for Windows NT and Windows 95 users. WebSite provides a tree-like display of all the documents and links on your server, with a simple solution for finding and fixing broken links. Using CGI, you can run a desktop application like Excel or Visual Basic from within a Web document on WebSite. Its access security lets you control which users have access to different parts of your Web server.WebSite is a product of O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. It is created in cooperation with Bob Denny and Enterprise Integration Technologies, Inc. (EIT/Verifone).WebSite Features

  • 32-bit multi-threaded HTTP server offers speed, virtual servers, remote administration, access security, and CGI support to display data from databases and forms.
  • WebView ™ provides a graphical outline of documents and links, with enhanced search and indexing, external image map support, and wizards that automate common tasks.
  • Spyglass Mosaic ™ 2.1, a popular Web browser with progressive image display, text and image alignment control, and international support. (You can use any browser with WebSite as well.)
  • Comprehensive 500-page book and online Help.
  • 3 months free basic technical support for registered users.
Features of WebSite 1.1HTML editor, multiple indexes, WebFind wizard, CGI with Visual Basic 4 framework and server push support, graphical interface for creating virtual servers, Windows 95 style install, logging reports for individual documents, HTML-2 and -3 support, external image map support, self-registration of users, and Spyglass Mosaic 2.1 Web browser.System Requirements
  • 386 or higher
  • VGA video display adapter
  • 3.5" disk drive
  • 10MB RAM for Win95; 16MB for NT 3.51 (or higher)
  • 1MB free disk space
  • Windows NT 3.51 or higher or Windows 95 with TCP/IP connectivity installed
How to Reach Your AudienceWebSite is your opportunity to reach exactly the audience you want on the Web -- within your own company, or on the Internet. Novice and advanced users can create lively Web documents within minutes, integrating text, graphics, interactive forms, and more. And Hypertext links make it a breeze for users to navigate instantly among your documents and connect to others internally or on the World Wide Web.Power and Ease of UseWinner of the Dvorak Award and Windows NT Editor's Choice, WebSite is acclaimed for its features, speed, and power, all for under $250. Its intuitive graphical interface includes wizards to automate common tasks. With WebView, it's easy to see and manage your Web documents and links, find broken links, and create indexes. The online Help and comprehensive 500-page book show you step-by-step how to reach your audience.Internal Web and Internet PublishingWebSite runs on a company-wide Web and/or on the Internet. On an internal web, you can make the latest crucial company information available to managers and employees. On the Internet, you can publish information about your organization or products to the many millions on the World Wide Web.Hotdog and Spyglass Mosaic 2.1Use the Hotdog Standard HTML editor to quickly create HTML tags, links, tables, and forms. Try the Spyglass Mosaic 2.1 browser with rapid document display to view your Web documents. Or use any standard Web editor or browser with WebSite.Multiple Home Pages and Live DataThe identity wizard helps you create multiple home pages. Use WebSite's CGI to include the latest information from databases and forms in documents on your site.Controlled Access and LoggingWith password authentication and access control, you can control who sees any part of your server. Log reports give you the latest information about access to any page on your Web.Who uses WebSite?WebSite is used daily by both advanced and novice Web users. As thousands of our users attest, WebSite is powerful, stable, and easy to use. WebSite's graphical interface, HTML editor, and wizards allow novice users to start creating Web documents within minutes. For advanced users, WebSite's CGI support increases the power of your site with its data integration from databases, forms, and Windows applications into your Web documents.Is technical support available?Yes! Registered users receive 90 days free basic technical support. You may reach our technical support staff at 1-800-932-9302 weekdays 7AM-5PM PST, or send email to Pay-per-incident andannual tech support contracts are also available; call customer service at 1-800-998-9938 for details. Check out our online WebSite resource with free software: I have Version 1.0 of WebSite. How do I get the upgrade?O'Reilly & Associates has announced a special upgrade program for current users. The upgrade price is $55 for users who have purchased WebSite and have sent in their registration cards before October 1, 1995. Customers who purchase WebSite 1.0 on or after October 1, 1995, and who send in their registration cards to O'Reilly, will receive a free upgrade to WebSite 1.1. WebSite upgrades are available only through O'Reilly & Associates.Your satisfaction guaranteed, or you money back.If you are unhappy with WebSite for any reason, and you've purchased the product from O'Reilly, a refund will be given if you return the product within 30 days of purchase. If you purchase WebSite from another source, please follow their return policy.WebSite is a trademark of O'Reilly & Associates. WebView and WebFind are trademarks of Enterprise Integration Technologies, Inc./Verifone. HotDog is a trademark of Sausage Software. Mosaic is a trademark of the University of Illinois. Spyglass is a trademark of Spyglass, Inc. All other names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.
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