Java Language Reference
By Mark Grand
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Final Release Date: January 1997
Pages: 464

The Java Language Reference is an indispensable tool for Java programmers. Part of O'Reilly's new Java documentation series, this book details every aspect of the Java programming language, from the definition of data types to the syntax of expressions and control structures. Using numerous examples to illustrate various fine points of the language, this book helps you understand all of the subtle nuances of Java so you can ensure that your programs run exactly as expected.This edition describes Version 1.0.2 of the Java language. It includes:

  • A complete reference describing all aspects of the Java language
  • Syntax for all Java statements, presented using easy-to-understand railroad diagrams
  • A detailed look into Java's style of object-oriented programming
  • A chapter explaining exception handling in Java
  • An examination of multithreaded programming with Java
  • Reference material on classes in the java.lang package
  • Notes highlighting the differences between Java features and similar features in C and C++
The Java Language Reference and the forthcoming Java Fundamental Classes Reference and Java AWT Reference provide a complete set of reference material on the Java language and the Java Core API. These manuals comprise the definitive set of Java documentation that you need to do serious programming with Java.O'Reilly & Associates also publishes a tutorial, Exploring Java, if you need to get up to speed with this exciting new technology. For advanced Java programming topics, look for upcoming books from O'Reilly on network programming, distributed computing, and database programming.
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