Shockwave Studio
Designing Multimedia for the Web
By Bob Schmitt
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Final Release Date: March 1997
Pages: 200

This book, the second title in the new Web Review Studio series, shows how to create compelling and functional Shockwave movies for Web sites. The author focuses on actual Shockwave movies, showing how the movies were created. The book provides and explains the actual Lingo source code for the movies. It takes users from creating simple time-based Shockwave animations to writing complex logical operations that take full advantage of Director's power.Additional topics include: creating leaner movies, using color palettes, exploring Net-specific Lingo and audio compression. Foreword by Marc Canter. Lavishly illustrated with over 250 full-color figures. The CD-ROM includes dozens of source Director files that you can open and examine and demo versions of Director for Macintosh and Windows.The Web Review Studio series -- published by O'Reilly & Associates' affiliate company, Songline Studios, publishers of the groundbreaking Web sites Web Review and Ferndale -- demystifies the complexities of publishing multimedia on the Web. The series is aimed at creative Web professionals and enthusiasts -- the people creating graphics, animation, sound and multimedia on the Web.The first two books, Shockwave Studio and Gif Animation Studio, cover two hot technologies for Web animation. Both include CDs with demo and free software, example files, etc.

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