Working With Your Doctor: Getting the Healthcare You Deserve
Publisher: O'Reilly Media / Patient Centered Guides
Final Release Date: July 1998
Pages: 377

Getting the best healthcare in today's world requires that you participate in the process. Working with Your Doctor: Getting the Healthcare You Deserve will help you to be your own advocate, to get the very vest in healthcare, and to have the best possible relationship with your doctors. It will show you how to become an assertive, but understanding, medical care consumer.Medical treatments are more complex than ever, and there are almost always options, especially for chronic conditions. You often receive care from several doctors, either because you have conditions that require specialists or because you receive treatment through a group practice or HMO.This book contains stories from both doctors and patients -- medical "frequent fliers," who share, in their own words, the lessons and strategies they have learned in their medical journeys. These first-hand accounts are a reminder that with the right tools we can maneuver through the often complicated maze of medical information and get the best care available. We don't waste any energy railing against "the system" or demonizing doctors. Instead, we give you in-depth, practical information on:

  • Finding the right doctor
  • Communication and mutual decision-making
  • Rights and responsibilities of the physician and patient
  • Problem solving and handling conflict
  • Questions to ask about tests, drugs, and surgery
  • Researching medical literature and talking with your doctor about what you find
  • Options for taking action if you've been wronged
Being well informed can protect you against mistakes or bad care.Working with Your Doctor: Getting the Healthcare You Deserve guides you through the medical care environment and is an education for even the most savvy healthcare consumer.
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