Windows 95 in a Nutshell
By Troy Mott, Tim O'Reilly
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Final Release Date: June 1998
Pages: 528

Windows 95 in a Nutshell is a comprehensive, compact reference that systematically unveils what serious users of Windows 95 will find interesting and useful. Little known details of the operating system, utility programs, and configuration settings are all captured in a consistent reference format.This is the first book in years personally coauthored by Tim O'Reilly, the publisher whose books have revolutionized computer book publishing with their common-sense approach, depth of detail, and focus on practical information that you can really use. If you can't remember which option on a dialog box controls a function, or if you just want to have a better handle on what's available, this is the book you need.It contains:

  • A fast-paced introduction to the operating system for new users
  • Detailed documentation on almost every command and utility available with Windows 95, including Start Menu accessories, DOS commands, hidden system administration utilities such as the Registry Editor and Policy Editor, and optional suites of programs such as Microsoft Plus!, PowerToys and KernelToys
  • Detailed advice and documentation on system configuration via the Control Panel, system startup files, and the Registry
  • A detailed treatment of Internet configuration and access via Dial-Up Networking
  • Hundreds of tips, gotchas, and clever ways to do familiar and not-so-familiar tasks
  • A focus on ways to integrate the command line and batch files into your work with Windows 95
  • Pointers to dozens of useful online sites that contain additional information
The book also includes an innovative "Task Index," which is a comprehensive cross-reference list that gives shorthand instructions on how to accomplish hundreds of the most useful and interesting things you might want to do with Windows 95. The book even provides a detailed look at the Win95 architecture, getting you under the hood and showing you how the operating system really works.This book follows the commonsense O'Reilly approach, cutting through the hype and giving practical details you can use every day. Any user who wants to make the most of Windows 95 will love this book.(Note: This book is not replaced by Windows 98 in a Nutshell. O'Reilly will be providing strong marketing support for both volumes.)
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