The Whole Internet: The Next Generation
By Kiersten Conner-Sax, Ed Krol
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Final Release Date: January 1999
Pages: 556

In 1992, The Whole Internet introduced millions of readers to the new Internet phenomenon. But times have changed, and the Internet has moved on. In 1992, you had to tell people how to use a web browser. These days, any third grader can tell you how to click on a link.The Whole Internet: The Next Generationa book for a new generation of Internet users. There are more applications, more exciting information, and more problems to deal with, ranging from mere annoyances to outright theft. So we've written a book that illuminates how you can use the Internet effectively in today's environment. We'll explain how to deal with everyday problems like unsolicited email and security alerts. We'll also tell you how to take advantage of new services on the Web. Such services, like those for buying and selling goods, trading stock, and even playing games, have really become applications unto themselves, and deserve the fullest explanation that we can provide. How do you play the new audio files that are all around the net? How do you sell the antique furniture your grandmother left you? How do you prevent others from stealing your credit card information? How do you protect yourself from computer viruses? How do you write and publish your own web pages? How do you use the Internet to cut down your long distance phone bills?You will also find a next generation catalog of Internet resources. It's obviously not an exhaustive list, which could never be assembled in one book. But it's a wide-ranging selection of sites that we found interesting, useful, or just plain fun. We've focused on "meta-sites": that is, sites that provide extensive lists of related resources.We don't need to convince you that the Internet is a valuable resource--whether you're a corporate attorney or a gourmet chef, you already know. But you may not know how to make the Internet work for you. If you need to catch up with the many changes that have taken place in the last few years--if you'd like to try some of the next generation tools that are now available--The Whole Internet: The Next Generation is a book you have to read.

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