Your Child in the Hospital, 2nd Edition
A Practical Guide for Parents, 2nd Edition
Publisher: O'Reilly Media / Patient Centered Guides
Final Release Date: March 1999
Pages: 166

Millions of parents take a child to the hospital each year, whether for stitches, outpatient surgery, or longer stays. Children who are reassured about what lies ahead have less anxiety and cope more easily with procedures and treatments. Well-prepared parents can be calm and effective advocates for their children in a situation that can otherwise be traumatic.Resources for parents (and children) are slim. In many bookstores and libraries, the only book that comes close is Curious George Goes to the Hospital. No books are available to answer anxious parents' questions and provide information and reassurance.Your Child in the Hospital is a practical book of tips and wisdom from veteran parents that will help make any hospital stay easier. Topics covered include:

  • Preparing your child
  • Going to the emergency room
  • Dealing with doctors
  • Making the most of the room and facility
  • Coping with procedures (to minimize discomfort and trauma)
  • Keeping family life going
  • Keeping in touch with school
  • Handling insurance claims
  • Getting financial assistance
The second edition features a journal where your child can note personal experiences, opening communication, giving the child a measure of control, and allow the parent a window into the child's experience.Venturing into a hospital is like taking a trip to a foreign land. If parents tuck this book into their child's suitcase, they will have at their fingertips an essential guide for their hospital journey. Commonsense advice and poignant tales from seasoned parents will help increase parents' peace of mind, allowing them to dispel their child's fears and concerns.
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