Mobile IP Networking
By Carl Malamud
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Final Release Date: April 1994
Pages: 1

As portable computers become more common, the Internet Protocol will need to change to support mobile computing. On this tape, Carl Malamud interviews two of the pioneers in this field.Phil Karn is the father of the KA9Q publicly available implementation of TCP/IP for DOS (which has also been used as the basis for the software in many commercial Internet routers). KA9Q was originally developed to allow "packet radio," that is, TCP/IP over ham radio bands. Phil's current research focus is on commercial applications of wireless data communications.Jun Murai is one of the most distinguished researchers in the Internet community. Murai is a professor at Keio University and the founder of the Japanese WIDE Internet. Murai talks about his research projects, which range from satellite-based IP multicasting to a massive testbed for mobile computing at the Fujisawa campus of Keio University.

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