European Networking
By Carl Malamud
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Final Release Date: September 1993
Pages: 1

Glenn Kowack is chief executive of EUnet, the network that's bringing the Internet to the ordinary people of Europe. Glenn talks about EUnet's populist business model and the politics of European networking. Highlights include Glenn's humorous tale of trying to set up links in Eastern Europe, where the tele- communications infrastructure isn't always what you expect.Rob Blokzijl is the network manager for NIKHEF, the Dutch Insitute of High Energy Physics. NIKHEF has been one of the key sites for networking in Europe and Rob has been the force behind that presence. In this interview, Rob talks about the nuts and bolts of European network coordination, covering such topics as RIPE, the IP user's group for Europe, why Amsterdam seems to be the center of so much European networking, and what it was like to try to put networks together in an era of massive centrally planned information policies and functionally obese networking protocols.

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