Book of Nero 6
CD and DVD Burning Made Easy
By Wallace Wang
Publisher: No Starch Press
Final Release Date: July 2004
Pages: 216

Ahead Software's Nero Ultra 6 is probably the most popular CD and DVD burning software in the world. While it seems like it should be easy to burn CDs and DVDs, burning a CD can be alot more complicated than copying a floppy, and many users reach high frustration levels after burning coaster after coaster.

Nero Ultra 6 makes it alot easier to burn a CD or DVD as long as users understand the important parts of the software. Like whether to burn a multisession CD; what mode to use; whether to close the session; how best to erase a rewritable; how to burn music files; and stuff like that. The Book of Nero 6 Ultra Edition takes the user step-by-step through using Nero for various tasks, without the jargon that can make this stuff so difficult.

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