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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Building the Network You Need

    1. Your Network: High Performance, Low Maintenance, and Secure

    2. Where the Packet Filter Fits In

    3. The Rise of PF

    4. If You Came from Elsewhere

    5. A Little Encouragement: A PF Haiku

  2. Chapter 2 PF Configuration Basics

    1. The First Step: Enabling PF

    2. A Simple PF Rule Set: A Single, Stand-Alone Machine

    3. Slightly Stricter: Using Lists and Macros for Readability

    4. Displaying Information About Your System

    5. Looking Ahead

  3. Chapter 3 Into the Real World

    1. A Simple Gateway

    2. That Sad Old FTP Thing

    3. Making Your Network Troubleshooting Friendly

    4. Tables Make Your Life Easier

  4. Chapter 4 Wireless Networks Made Easy

    1. A Little IEEE 802.11 Background

    2. Setting Up a Simple Wireless Network

    3. Guarding Your Wireless Network with authpf

  5. Chapter 5 Bigger or Trickier Networks

    1. A Web Server and Mail Server on the Inside—Routable Addresses

    2. A Web Server and Mail Server on the Inside—the NAT Version

    3. Filtering on Interface Groups

    4. The Power of Tags

    5. The Bridging Firewall

    6. Handling Nonroutable Addresses from Elsewhere

  6. Chapter 6 Turning the Tables for Proactive Defense

    1. Turning Away the Brutes

    2. Giving Spammers a Hard Time with spamd

    3. Spam-Fighting Tips

  7. Chapter 7 Queues, Shaping, and Redundancy

    1. Directing Traffic with ALTQ

    2. Setting Up Queues

    3. Redundancy and Failover: CARP and pfsync

  8. Chapter 8 Logging, Monitoring, and Statistics

    1. PF Logs: The Basics

    2. Additional Tools for PF Logs and Statistics

    3. Log Data as the Basis for Effective Debugging

  9. Chapter 9 Getting Your Setup Just Right

    1. Things You Can Tweak and What You Probably Should Leave Alone

    2. Cleaning Up Your Traffic

    3. Testing Your Setup

    4. Debugging Your Rule Set

    5. Know Your Network and Stay in Control

  1. Appendix Resources

    1. General Networking and BSD Resources on the Internet

    2. Sample Configurations and Related Musings

    3. PF on Other BSD Systems

    4. BSD and Networking Books

    5. Wireless Networking Resources

    6. spamd and Greylisting-Related Resources

    7. Book-Related Web Resources

    8. Buy OpenBSD CDs and Donate!

  2. Appendix A Note on Hardware Support

    1. Getting the Right Hardware

    2. Issues Facing Hardware Support Developers

    3. How to Help the Hardware Support Efforts

  3. Colophon

  4. Appendix Updates