JavaScript for Kids
A Playful Introduction to Programming
Publisher: No Starch Press
Final Release Date: November 2014 (est.)
Pages: 328

JavaScript for Kids is a lighthearted introduction to the JavaScript programming language and programming in general. With the help of kid-friendly examples and fun illustrations, author Nick Morgan teaches the essentials of JavaScript. You'll begin by learning the basics, including strings, arrays, and loops, before moving on to more advanced techniques like handling events with jQuery and drawing graphics with canvas. Along the way, you'll program fun games like Hangman, Snake, and "Find the Buried Treasure!"

You'll learn key programming concepts, including:

  • Using basic data types and structures, including numbers, strings, booleans, objects, and arrays
  • Controlling how your code runs with if statements and loops
  • Creating functions to bundle and reuse your code
  • Making dynamic and interactive web pages with jQuery
  • Using the canvas element to draw and modify graphics with JavaScript

By the end of the book, you'll be ready to create your own animations and games, and you'll have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of JavaScript.
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