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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 The LEGO System: Endless Possibilities

    1. A Brick Vocabulary

    2. Precision, Geometry, and Color

    3. Review: The LEGO System

  2. Chapter 2 Back to Basics: Tips and Techniques

    1. Decisions, Decisions: The Best Ways to Connect Bricks

    2. Building Walls

    3. Bracing: Unseen but Not Forgotten

    4. How to Separate Pieces

    5. Review: Basic Building Principles

  3. Chapter 3 Minifig Scale: Oh, What a Wonderful Minifig World It Is!

    1. Scale: It’s All Relative

    2. Creating a Minifig-Scale Building

    3. Substitution: When Other Parts Will Do

    4. Review: Building Techniques and Alternatives

  4. Chapter 4 Miniland Scale: The Whole World in Miniature

    1. Miniland Scale: Bigger but Still Small

    2. Creating a Basic Miniland Figure

    3. Creating Characters with Personality

    4. Miniland Buildings

    5. Review: Miniland Scale, Big Possibilities

  5. Chapter 5 Jumbo Elements: Building Bigger Bricks

    1. How to Scale Up

    2. Building with Jumbo Bricks

    3. Other Scales: Which Ones Work and Why

    4. Review: Jumbo Bricks Are Just the Beginning

  6. Chapter 6 Microscale Building: More Than Meets the Eye

    1. Getting Started: Ignore the Details

    2. Translating Ideas into Bricks

    3. Replacing Full-Size Parts with Microscale Stand-Ins

    4. Instructions for Building a Microscale House

    5. Review: Things to Build in Microscale

  7. Chapter 7 Sculptures: The Shape of Things to Build

    1. Spheres: Round and Round They Go

    2. Dividing the Building Process in Two

    3. Sculpting Other Subjects: The Sphinx

    4. Review: Sculptures Are in the Eye of the Builder

  8. Chapter 8 Mosaics: Patterns and Pictures in Bricks

    1. What You Need to Make a Studs-Out Mosaic

    2. Designing a Studs-Up Mosaic

    3. Review: Mosaics of All Sizes and Shapes

  9. Chapter 9 Putting It All Together: Where Ideas Meet Bricks

    1. How to Think Like a Model Designer

    2. Elements of Design

    3. Building the Triton Step by Step

    4. Something Wrong? Redesigning Doesn’t Mean You’ve Failed

    5. You’re Done. What Now?

    6. Review: You’re the Model Designer

  10. Chapter 10 Beyond Just Bricks: Other Ways to Enjoy the LEGO Hobby

    1. Creating Your Own Building Instructions

    2. Fun LEGO Games

    3. Review: Enjoying Every Aspect of LEGO

  1. Appendix Brickopedia

    1. How the Brickopedia Works

  2. Appendix Design Grids: Building Better by Planning Ahead

    1. Downloading the Grids

    2. About the Grids

    3. Using the Grids Effectively

    4. Review: From Grids to Bricks

  3. Colophon

  4. Appendix A Note from the Illustrator

  5. Appendix Updates