VMware Horizon View High Availability
By Andrew Alloway
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Final Release Date: November 2015
Pages: 216

Design, develop and deploy a highly available vSphere environment for VMware Horizon View

About This Book

  • Enhance your capability of meeting various Service Level Agreements in VMware Horizon View
  • Get acquainted through all the necessary considerations for building a View environment
  • Cover VMware High Availability hurdle by hurdle along with the checklists for verification of the environment being ready for production

Who This Book Is For

If you manage, plan or deploy VMware Horizon View or are looking for tips for best practices and configuration details this book is for you. This book is intended for administrators who design and deploy VMware Horizon View or administrators who are looking for ways to improve their existing View environment.

What You Will Learn

  • Install and configure a VMware Horizon View Connection Server and redundant pair
  • Discover the networking requirements for View and learn how to build redundancy into your network
  • Analyze each of the View user pool types and how each one can be made highly available and survivable.
  • Get to know about storage protocols such as NFS, iSCSI and Fibre Channel
  • Deploy Virtual SAN, and find out how to effectively couple Virtual SAN with View
  • Learn about View monitoring tools to allow fast responses to various crises
  • Plan, analyze and upgrade VMware Horizon View
  • Analyze network services required for VMware Horizon View and build them in a redundant manner

In Detail

The increasing movement to virtualize workloads and workstations has put VMware Horizon View into a central mission critical role in many environments. Administrators may be overwhelmed with planning for outages and dealing with failure scenarios. It's easy to miss small details that will result in outages down the road. Following VMware Horizon View best practices and planning ahead with network infrastructure will allow you to avoid these common pit falls.

This book will walk you through the setup and configuration of View in a highly available configuration. It will provide you with the skills to analyze and deploy configurations that can stand up to rigorous failure standards. The book starts with deploying and basic configuration of VMware Horizon View in a redundant setup, then moves on to cover high availability for networking, fibre channel, NFS, and iSCSI. We finish this book with monitoring and upgrade planning. At the end we also learn about maintaining the uptime and minimizing the downtime that can be caused due to various factors. Each topic comes with a list of best practices and failure scenarios to test. Administrators will learn the intricacies of protecting a View environment.

Style and approach

This book provides configuration and installation steps for administration and installation of a Horizon View server. It includes high-level overviews of any protocols, services used by Horizon View, and best practices and high availability checklists for each chapter.

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