PC Music - The Easy Guide
By Robin Vincent
Publisher: PC Publishing
Final Release Date: September 2006
Pages: 160

Completely updated with new sections on the MP3 revolution, the PC as a complete Media Center and the realisation of your PC as a recording studio, this new edition of PC Music - the easy guide, will show you what can be done, what it all means, and what you will need to start creating and enjoying your own music on your PC. It's an easy read, fully illustrated and it will help you understand how a computer can be used as a creative and entertaining musical tool.

  • How do I make music with my PC?
  • How do I plug a guitar into my PC?
  • Can I record music onto my PC?
  • What's a sequencer?
  • What's sampling?
  • How can I get my PC to print a music?
  • What sort of a soundcard do I need?
  • What hardware and software do I need?
  • How do I connect a keyboard to my PC?
  • What sort of computer do I need?
  • Can I get pro results on my PC?

Just a few of the questions you've probably asked. Well you'll find the answers to all these questions, and many more, in this book.

The book covers soundcards, recording music with sequencers, hard disk digital audio recording and editing, plug-ins, mixing, printing scores with notation software, using your PC as a synthesiser or a sampler, making beats and noises, sorting out the hardware, getting sound into and out of the computer, getting music onto and off the internet, bringing the PC into the living room as an entertainment system, using and understanding Windows, and it suggests sample PC music set-ups and discusses computer technology in the simplest terms.

With special sections for guitarists and electronic music fans, it's all rounded off with advice on the musical hardware and software that you'll need, and a list of invaluable industry contacts.

If you want to make music on your PC and make your PC play music, this is the place to start.

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