Guitarist's Guide To Computer Music
With Cubase SX
By Robin Vincent
Publisher: PC Publishing
Final Release Date: July 2003
Pages: 240

Whether you're a solo musician or have a whole band to play with, the computer is the most versatile home or project studio and you probably already have all you need to get started. A computer will add to your musical arsenal not take anything away, so you can use your existing gear together with the computer and this book will show you how.

Included with the book is a CD containing a fully working demo version of Steinberg's studio recording software Cubase SX, and other useful bits like software guitar effects and a tuner. This book will take you through the easy steps of recording and producing music on your computer, with example songs and detailed illustrations to remove any doubts or confusion over what can actually be achieved.

You'll find everything you need in these pages including explanations of what's going on, a comprehensive guide to what you need, what you can do and how to do it.

Little did you know that inside that beige coloured box sitting under your desk beats the heart of an awesome recording and music production machine.

Robin Vincent is technical director of Carillon Audio Systems, where he designs and builds computer music studios. He also manages the PC music side of London's famous Turnkey music shop, and he fields questions from would-be PC musicians all day long so he's got all the answers.

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