Linux Problem Solver
Hands-on Solutions for System Administrators
By Brian Ward
Publisher: No Starch Press
Final Release Date: July 2000
Pages: 304

You've got Linux installed and running, but what do you do when the printer spits out a bunch of gibberish? Or you set up a network but only guests can login and users can't? Or it just won't connect to the Web--no matter what you try?

Solving the innumerable problems that arise on a Linux machine or network can be a full-time job. Fortunately, Brian Ward has written The Linux Problem Solver to ease the pain. The Linux Problem Solver helps solve difficult Linux snafus by integrating troubleshooting techniques with clear explanations and tutorials of Linux tools. With the first half of the book focusing on configuration tools, and the second half focusing on maintenance, this book guides you through the maze of advanced problems that confront any Linux user or system administrator. An indispensable quick reference, The Linux Problem Solver covers solutions to over 100 problems, including how to:

  • Troubleshoot problems with printing, filesharing, and connecting to a network.
  • Configure and install software from source code.
  • Compile and install a new Linux kernel.
  • Debug a network connection and secure a system.
  • Recover from a system crash and prevent serious damage in the future.

Each chapter covers a specific Linux issue with a clear treatment of common pitfalls including the symptom, the problem, and the fix, and you'll soon understand problems as they arise.

The CD-ROM directly supports the book's contents, with configuration files and many programs not included with most Linux distributions. The CD also doubles as an emergency boot disk with diagnostic recovery tools. Together with the book, this package is a must for anyone serious about starting or maintaining a Linux network.

Contrary to the license agreement in the book, all programs on the CD (except for nvi) are GPL and covered by the GNU Public License. You can get the source for every binary included on the CD-ROM at and . The nvi license can be found at

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