Sound equalization tips and tricks
Publisher: PC Publishing
Final Release Date: April 2009
Pages: 160
  • Clear easy to understand explanations

    Diagrams, graphs and charts

    All types of EQs and processes used

    Before and after audio examples

    EQ treatment for drums, voice and the mix

    * Audio files available for download

    Sound Equalization Tips and Tricks is a clear, concise and detailed guide for all aspects of equalisation. Written in laymen s terms, this book contains detailed explanations for all types of EQ, what they are used for, when they are to be used, why and how to use them.

    From beginner to advanced, this book journeys through the concept of sound, the understanding of frequencies and the application of EQ, in such clear detail that all can benefit.

    Throughout the book, before and after audio and visual examples are provided, from actual processing projects, to help you to clearly and simply understand the content both visually and aurally.

    Broken into definition and explanation chapters, followed by working case examples , the book s content is clearly laid out for easy referencing.

    If you have been struggling with the concept of EQ, both in terms of understanding what it is and in terms of application, then this book will demystify this cloaked dynamic and offer you a simple working structure to help you master EQ.
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