Take Control of Your iPhone
By Ted Landau
Publisher: TidBITS / Take Control Books
Final Release Date: January 2008

Get the most out of your iPhone! Avoid trouble, solve problems, discover hidden tricks, and use your iPhone like a pro.

The iPhone shoehorns a lot of snazzy features into a shiny package, but if you want to feel more in control of core features like syncing to your computer, setting up Mail accounts, and connecting to wireless networks, Take Control of Your iPhone explains what's happening under the hood so you can use your iPhone more effectively and with less hassle. If, for instance, you have questions about activating your iPhone, the nuances of the touchscreen and virtual keyboard, or customizing the settings for applications, this book has the answers.

Written by best-selling Mac troubleshooting author Ted Landau, where this title especially shines, where it outdistances what's found in competing books, is in its coverage of solving problems. Should your iPhone experience be less than stellar, you'll benefit from Ted's many years of experience, whether you're suffering a syncing feeling, having trouble getting a charge out of a battery, or need to resuscitate a dead iPhone. The ebook walks you through dozens of step-by-step problem-solving procedures, while offering tips for smart ways to use the iPhone along the way.

For the adventurous, Ted also covers iPhone hacking and how to deal with updating (or not updating) a hacked iPhone.

Important lessons you'll learn from this book include:

  • What to do if iTunes won't see your iPhone or activation won't work
  • What to do if you get misbehavior, hanging, or error messages while syncing
  • Various ways to create ringtones and put them on an iPhone
  • Detailed advice on how to cope with crashing and hanging problems
  • Thorough steps for resetting and restoring an iPhone
  • How EDGE and Wi-Fi network connections work and interact
  • How the iPhone works with Bluetooth devices
  • Tips and tricks for getting the most out of the Phone application
  • Smart ways to set up email accounts on the iPhone, and how to solve many common problems that can arise
  • How to more fluidly and enjoyably use the built-in Safari Web browser
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