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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Basics

    1. Preface to the Extended Second Edition

    2. Introduction

    3. Introduction to Digital Image Editing

    4. Loading and Managing Digital Photos on the Computer

    5. Get GIMP Running

  2. Chapter 2 Using GIMP: Correcting and Touching Up Your Images

    1. JPEG versus RAW

    2. Opening and Developing a RAW Format, or Digital Negative, with GIMP

    3. Editing Images in GIMP

    4. Working with Scanned Images

    5. Scanning and Editing an Image

    6. Touchup Work 1—Removing Color Cast

    7. Touchup Work 2—Removing Spots, Dust, and Scratches

    8. Performing Magic – Editing Photographs with Graphic Filters

  3. Chapter 3 Using Masks and Layers—Painting, Filling, and Color Tools

    1. Introduction to Masks and Selections

    2. Touchup Work 3—Removing Red Eyes

    3. Introduction to Working with Layers

    4. Touchup Work 4—Correcting Overexposed or Underexposed Images

    5. Touchup Work 5—Using Perspective Correction to Remove Converging Verticals

    6. Touchup Work 5—Freshening Up a “Dull Sky”

    7. Typing in GIMP—Adding Text to an Image

    8. Creating Your Own Image Frames and Vignettes

    9. Creating and Editing Image Elements—Lighting Effects and Shadow Layers

    10. Extracting Image Objects with Select and Masking Tools

    11. Using the Paths Tool as a Masking Tool—Using Filters for Light Effects

    12. Using Layers, Masks, and Paths to Create Three-Dimensional Objects—Shadow Layers

    13. Cross-Fading with Masks and Selections

    14. Collages—Using Masks and Selections to Cut and Paste Image Objects

    15. GIMP and HDR

  4. Chapter 4 Working with Black-and-White and Color Images

    1. Converting Color Images Partly or Entirely into Grayscale Images

    2. Touching Up Black-and-White Images—Levels, Brightness, Contrast

    3. Extracting Hair from the Background—a Tricky Task

    4. Coloring Grayscale Images

    5. “Hand-Colored” Collages from Black-and-White Photos

  5. Chapter 5 Appendix

    1. The IWarp Filter—a Closing Comment

    2. So Far, So Good—How to Proceed from Here: Tips and References

    3. A GIMP 2.8 Preview

    4. Thank You!

    5. Further Reading on GIMP: References

    6. What’s on the DVD

    7. Native GIMP File Formats